Skateboard Teacher Pete Betti
Ollie to Kickflip into 180 Truck Stand on a Granite Embankment (Highly Advanced Trick Combination)

Pete is a multi-faceted skater, able to ride and teach several skateboarding disciplines. Self taught at 11 years old, Pete saw skateboarding as an excellent mode of transportation, a way to express himself creatively, and a good way to explore his local Jersey Shore environment.  As he began to master cruising, turning, and basic tricks, he eventually dug deeper into the weird world of skateboarding culture. It has been stuck with him ever since.
Today, he is a competing professional, skateshop operator at Uncle Funkys Boards, and SURE instructor. He often adventures solo throughout New York City and the world seeking his next big wave in pursuit of new trick ideas and their suitable terrain.

A recent Pete Betti Video.

Contact: – (917)538-4084